Double Diamond Launches Kid-Friendly Line

KINGSVILLE, ONTARIO – Making produce fun and vibrant, while generating excitement for the next generation of vegetable lovers, Double Diamond Farms is expanding its portfolio to grab the eyes and tummies of our “littlest” audience. As a company focused on innovation and addressing the needs of its retail and consumer base, Double Diamond is revealing two new eye-catching products that build on its popular kid-centric line. The new Gecko Grapes grape tomatoes and Panda Peppers mini peppers join the much loved Croco Cukes cocktail cucumber program, to round out a trifecta of flavor and taste.

Joining me to talk about this evolution in Double Diamond’s program are Procurement Manager Caitlyne Johns and Marketing Specialist Graham Hamilton as we move toward the 2018 CPMA Convention and Trade Show.

Caitlyne Johns, Procurement Manager, Double Diamond“We are committed to promoting healthy eating and encouraging kids to get on board with healthy food choices at an early age—this can set the stage for their eating habits throughout their lives since good eating habits should start young. We rebranded our kid’s line in order to better achieve that goal while also helping parents across North America to better and more easily promote fresh produce consumption within their own homes,” Caitlyne shares with me. “We feel that the characters and graphics will create a fun way for parents to introduce their children to fresh produce and inspire a love and passion for healthy eating. After all, we eat with our eyes first!”

Double Diamond Farms' Kid-Friendly LinesDouble Diamond Farms’ Kid-Friendly Lines

The designs not only draw the eye and provoke a smile (or giggle), but they also help kids and parents tailor their taste buds to what they like. From a Flav-O Meter to a Crisp-O Meter, taste and texture can become key elements in engaging the consumer.

Graham Hamilton, Marketing Specialist, Double Diamond Farms“We keep our finger on the pulse of today’s fresh produce demands and are constantly looking for ways to make strides in promoting fresh produce consumption. Kids and their parents are a key demographic and opportunity in achieving these goals,” Graham tells me. “We wanted to select produce that was bite-sized, which is perfect for snacking on-the-go, and also intrigues those little imaginations. Selecting characters that would be recognizable and playful to kid’s, made perfect sense; changing the simple act of eating into a well-rounded and engaging experience.”

Graham continues to explain that parents are always looking for ways to encourage their kids to eat healthy—and Double Diamond hopes that by presenting its produce in a fun and exciting way, kids will be more likely to do just that.

The Gecko Grapes grape tomatoes, Panda Peppers mini peppers, and Croco Cukes cocktail cucumbers program is available year-round, bringing consistency, quality, a premium eating experience, and a pop of color to produce departments in 2018. Stop by CPMA booth 337 to find out more about these new offerings from Double Diamond.

Written by: Jordan Okumura