Greenhouse Farms. Premium Produce.

For more than 40 years Double Diamond has grown fresh, flavorful hydroponic produce for customers across North America. Our greenhouses in the heart of Southwestern Ontario’s sunbelt enjoy more sunny days than anywhere else in Canada. These conditions are the key ingredient in our premium products – vine-ripe with flavor, freshness and goodness.

As a second-generation family business, we know that the health of our operation relies on the health of the earth, so we search for ways to minimize our ecological footprint. We’re committed to sustainable agriculture, investing in processes and technologies that work in harmony with nature, and let us reuse and repurpose resources needed for our operations.

Whether it’s tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers or other specialty items, our focus is on flavor. As the grower, packer and shipper Double Diamond is in the unique position to ensure that the flavor we’ve worked hard to produce reaches our customers in shelf-ready condition.  We’re proud to be your partner in helping bring the freshest, most flavorful produce to the tables of your customers.

Sustainable Agriculture

At Double Diamond we know it’s about giving as well as taking. We’re always searching for ways to leave the smallest ecological footprint possible.

Natural Pollination

Using bumblebees to naturally pollinate produce is standard practice in our industry. The hard-working bumblebees in Double Diamond’s greenhouses improve the quality and quantity of our produce, reducing the need for harmful chemicals and pesticides.

CO2 Recapture

As CO2 is expelled from the boiler system used to heat our operations, we capture and filter it, and use it as a natural, air-borne fertilizer to feed to our growing plants.

Recycling Water

Nutrient feedwater is the fertilizer solution we use to help grow our products. We recirculate this solution throughout our facilities across multiple growing cycles, minimizing our inputs into local surface water, groundwater and soil.

Logistics & Distribution

Our industry-leading freshness doesn’t mean much if we can’t get products to customers quickly, and resolve problems when they arise. We pair leading edge traceability with a fleet of temperature controlled trucks and trailers to make sure our produce arrives in the condition it left our greenhouses: fresh, flavorful and ready to eat.

Sweet Melody truck image

Strategic regional distribution centers combined with our fleet of trucks let us minimize food miles and deliver vine-ripe freshness to customers across North America.

Optimal greenhouse growing conditions with control over temperature and humidity results in higher, more consistent production yields

Automatic packing line, the only of its kind in Canada. Packs 2,000 cases per hour

Grown, packed and shipped from one facility for maximum flavor, freshness and shelf-life













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