Get the buzz on natural pollination

As a second generation family-owned business, we’re always searching for new ways to save customers money and work sustainably. We’re proud to have all-natural bumblebees as our “chief pollinators.” Their pollination activity in our greenhouses, particularly with tomato crops, assists in the reproduction of crops improving the quality of our produce and saves on labour costs.

We’re pleased to pass the quality and the savings on to you, our customers. Enjoy!

Naturally Pollinated

Bee Facts

Our bees are fast

Bumblebees visit twice as many flowers per minute as honeybees

Our bees are big

Bumblebees size and strength let them carry relatively heavy loads across longer distances

Our bees like to save

Bumblebee pollination saves enormous amounts in labour costs- savings that we pass on to our customers

Our bees stay cool

Bumblebees are still active even at temperatures as low as 8 degrees Celsius (46 Farenheit)