Greenhouse Growing for the WIN!

There are several advantages to greenhouse farming over traditional agriculture- these are not only beneficial to consumers but also to the health of our planet! Read on to discover the top greenhouse grown benefits.

Top 10 Pros: Greenhouse vs. Traditional Farming

  1. Higher yields; the controlled environment allows for 15-20X greater harvest!
  2. Complete environmental control: crops are cleaner and there is limited threat from pests (birds, rabbits, weeds, etc.)
  3. Significantly less land required.
  4. Less water required and the water used is recycled. In the hydroponic system there is no water waste as only the required amount is used to nourish the plant.
  5. Minimal (to zero) pesticide use.
  6. Increased control means increased food safety.
  7. Produce available year round! Since we grow indoors we begin planting for the year in late December/early January and grow all through the winter months. It means lower prices for local produce and out of season availability.
  8. Faster plant growth; the availability of CO2, water and nourishing substances provided directly to the root allows for faster growth rates since the plant does not need to expend energy seeking resources.
  9. Protection from weather; crops are protected from rain, wind, hail and extreme cold.
  10. Human labour is utilized instead of carbon-emitting harvesting equipment.

One of the biggest differences between greenhouse and traditional agriculture is the growing medium: we use substrate while traditional farming utilizes soil which has the potential to carry harmful bacteria.

At Double Diamond Farms, we care about the environment and are always looking for ways to reduce our ecological footprint. We will continue investing in innovative and sustainable greenhouse methods to further increase yield and reduce outputs.