4 Troubleshooting Tips to Prolong the Life of your Tomatoes


Tomatoes are a staple to many of our meals. That means it’s crucial that we handle and store them with the utmost of care. But as we’ve all experience before, sometimes a tomato can overly mature or decay before its time.

Here are 4 common problems you might run into with your tomatoes, as well as some tips on how to prevent them!



Potentially the most frustrating issue you can run into in the kitchen is a tomato that has no flavor. You may also find that these tomatoes have softened prematurely. Problems like this indicate that the tomato has experienced something called a chill injury, due to being stored in a temperature below 50˚F. For the best results, store your tomatoes at a cool room temperature of around 65˚F.



In contrast, exposure to temperatures that are too high could be problematic as well. If your tomatoes are stored anywhere above 86˚F, you’ll likely find that they develop inconsistent and uneven coloring. Always remember to keep your tomatoes at room temperature.



Overexposing your tomatoes to moisture during storage can cause them to prematurely decay. This could mean that you’ve stored them in a damp area with low air circulation, or it could be as simple as washing your tomatoes too early. Be sure to check your tomatoes frequently to ensure that the area you’re storing them in has adequate air circulation.



So, you’ve picked out the perfect tomato from the grocery store, but you get it home and see that it’s been bruised! What happened? Well, tomatoes are quite soft, and as such, can be very sensitive to rough handling. Make sure you handle them with care and your perfect tomato will make it into your meal.