Double Diamond Farms Welcomes New Marketing Specialist & Announces Blog Launch

KINGSVILLE, ON – It’s all about relationships in our industry, and while developing relationships, we create life-long stories that keep our industry buzzing. Double Diamond is looking to align with this ideal and spark some excitement with a new blog launch in the hopes of cultivating new and lasting relationships with those inside and outside the industry.

Chris Mastronardi, CEO, Double Diamond Farms


Chris Mastronardi, CEO, Double Diamond Farms“Double Diamond is increasing our focus on consumer wants and needs so that we are able to better serve our retail partners,” President/CEO, Chris Mastronardi shares. “In doing so, we look to forge stronger relationships with consumers.”


Double Diamond’s new Marketing Specialist, Graham Hamilton, is here with me to expand on the company’s marketing structure and content plans, starting with its newly-launched blog that zeroes in on educational opportunities.

Graham Hamilton, Marketing Specialist, Double Diamond FarmsGraham Hamilton, Marketing Specialist, Double Diamond Farms“Our focus is on consumers that wish to stay informed on the food they eat, and on the companies that provide it,” Graham explains. “We’re hoping that by providing quality content on a regular basis, we will remain an industry leader in the eyes of consumers. The more those consumers find our offerings desirable, the more beneficial to retailers it will be to have our products in their stores.”

As far as the content topics on the blog, it will focus on the following: hydroponics, organics, industry trends, greenhouse benefits, produce facts, and more. With such a broad spectrum of topics, the company’s strategic approach will allow it to address a seemingly boundless audience.

Double Diamond Farms Blog


“It’s important to recognize human behavior and the way in which we interact with not only each other, but with the brands that we support,” Graham tells me. “There is an increasing trend to steer clear of the brands that solely promote their products using advertising—people want to know how a company can positively affect their daily lives. We aim to achieve this by providing our followers with educational and interactive content that will keep them coming back for more.”

With the company’s new Marketing Specialist at the reins, the blog’s roll-out throughout the year will be an exciting opportunity to watch both his and the company’s interactions with the industry flourish, creating relationships built on education and trust.



Written by: Lillie Apostolos @ANUK